Sediments & Heavy Metals

• Arsenic & Heavy Metals are the main causes of water pollution & impact human health world wide.

• There is a correlation between consuming aluminium through drinking water and nerves system disorders.
• Barium causes damage to your heart, blood vessels & your nervous system.
• Lead builds up in your body and causes lead poisoning, causing kidney
damage, nerve & brain damage in long term cases.
• Mercury poisoning causes weakness, skin irritations, loss of appetite, insomnia, and memory loss.

Micro Plastics

• Asbestos Fibres enters the water system through the walls of the main water piping that carries water from the supplier to your home.

• Asbestos becomes trapped in your body causing diseases such as lung cancer.
• Micro plastics come from sedimentation sitting on the bottom of fresh water reservoirs, when re-suspension occurs thats when micro plastic carry into your drinking water.
• Believe it or not, even if you don’t drink water from your tap, you are still ingesting micro plastics through, the food you eat, and wait-for-it… Breathing! 
• Micro plastics in the water are generally smaller than 5mm.

Chemicals & Pathogens, Fluoride & Chlorine

•20% of the water that comes from the taps in our homes is recycled.

•Micro Organisms can cause illness and infections.
• Even if we don’t drink the water from our taps we are still exposed to these chemicals, pathogens & viruses when we clean our vegetables, when we shower, when we brush our teeth.
• Even if we consume bottled water, bottled water is considered a food product and is regulated as such, and still is very likely to contain chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine just like our tap water.
• Even pesticides can leak into our water sources, such as glyphosate. 
• Chlorine in our tap water has been known to be a leading cause in cancer and serious skin complications through absorption during showering or bathing, such as exchma. 

Hard Water & Your Appliances

• The real reason why your appliances, like your washing machine don’t stand the test of time!

• Calcium and Magnesium in tap water makes the water “hard”, which causes scale buildup and mineral deposits.
• This clogs plumbing and damages your water consuming appliances wearing them down over time, until they become less and less effective, eventually braking down.