Customers Concerns:

One of our local Melbourne customers had a concern with the quality of water at her home. While she was using a water purifying jug for the families drinking water, she was concerned if there was still exposure to chemicals that may be affecting the family.

The Test:

Upon arrival one of our water quality experts provided the family with a free water test to examine the quality of water. During our water tests, we also like to educate our customers about different quality levels, and the pros and cons of purchasing any water filtration systems.

The test showed that there were relatively high levels of chlorine in the water. Which was not a huge surprise as the local water companies use chlorine and fluoride to kill bacteria in the water.


Our recommendation to anyone who has chemicals in their water is that they get a whole home water filtration system. The reason for this is because while we can always purchase bottled water for drinking, the main exposure to chlorine is actually in the shower when we absorb the chemical from the steam into the pores in our skin. This can cause multiple different skin conditions but also internal problems in our body.


After installing a whole home water filtration system for our customer we were surprised with a phone call roughly two months after the installation was complete. Our customer thanked us for being able to provide this service and product for her and her family. Not only did the family get much purer, cleaner water that both tasted and smelt better but it also helped with the recovery of psoriasis in one of her kids, where expensive creams and ointments from the chemist where failing before.